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Embrace life
Overcome the shame of chronic illness.
Connect with others
Cope with social isolation.
Find hope
Live a happy, fulfilling life, despite physical illness.
Welcome to the chronic illness therapy website. David Younger, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist specializing in working with people with chronic health conditions and helping couples with their relationships while raising children. David also has a chronic illness himself, which you can read more about in his Bio.

Elvin Aydin Keles, Ph.D. is currently living in Houston, working as a coach with people who are struggling to find clarity and focus in their lives. She continues to work as a psychotherapist with her international clientele through her online practice. Additionally, she is involved with various medical institutions, non-profit organizations and charities in Houston to support women who live with breast cancer. You can read more about Elvin in her Bio.

We created this site as a resource for people living with chronic health conditions. You can read about specific issues that affect most people living with chronic illnesses like shame, social isolation, and helplessness. You can check out the blog for articles related to living with chronic illness. You can find out about therapy. Another great place to start is to check out the Living With Chronic Illness Handbook here. Finally, please feel free to reach out with any questions.

We know that your well-being does not have to depend solely on your physical condition. We know this because we have helped hundreds of people with different chronic health conditions and we know this from my own personal experiences of living with a chronic illness.